The W Boats


  (updated February 2013)

W-1    ARROW (ex-Dart, ex-Huahine)
Built:1923 - Berthon Build Number : 199
Owner:Phil Plumtree (also owner of W16)
Notes:Arrow underwent a full restoration in 1998/99. Boat weighed at Suffolk Yacht Harbour on 18 June 1997: 4.36 metric tonnes. Shortened boom with cut down mainsail, 180° large genoa & both symmetric & asymmetric spinnakers.
In 2003 went to south coast to compete in RIOW and The British Classic Yacht Club Regatta which she won overall and the Moonbeam Trophy for the BCYC round the island race. The season was rounded of with a trip to the med for the Regates Royales in Cannes and Voiles de Saint Tropez. She returned in 2004 to win class at the 80th Anniversary in Cowes week returning to the Med in 2005 and 2006 for Voiles d'Antibes and Voiles de Saint Tropez Sails.
latest NewsAnother year of Les Voiles de Saint Tropez see the racing page

W-2 SUVRETTA (ex-Dinah)
Built:1924 - Berthon Build Number : 207
Owner:Ben Van Dyke
Location:West Mersea, Essex / Thraxton, Norfolk
Notes:Re-launched June 2009 Keel from “Squirrel”. Cutdown mainsail & large genoa.
Latest NewsAnother boat that did not race a lot in 2012, I believe Ben may be planning to keep her at West Mersea in Essex in the future.

W-3   SQUIRREL (ex-Fenella)
Built:1923 - -Berthon Build Number : 200
Owner:Paul Churchill
Location:Ashore at Maldon, Essex
Notes:Fully restored.
Latest Newsnot rigged and remains at Adrian Riva's yard in Maldon, Essex under cover..

W-4   SAPPHIRE (ex-Sapphire W)
Built:1923 - Berthon Build Number : 197
Owner:Ross Wey
Location:West Mersea, Essex
Notes:Ross Wey (previously Perkins) of West Mersea looked around the 2 hulls in Little Braxted (W4 and W17) and agreed to buy the hull of Sapphire W4 from Scot Yeates. Ross who previously restored and sailed 6-Metre 'Aste IV' now looks after a boatyard in West Mersea and transports boats. He has transported Sapphire to West Mersea and plans to have her sailing again in 2013 by doing what is necessary.
Latest Newsno update on restoration as yet.

W-5 PANDORA (now renamed ‘Sunseeker’)
Built:1923 - Berthon Build Number : 198
Owner:Mr N. Mackenzie
Location:Ullapool, Wester Ross.
Notes:Raised coach-roof, cut down rig, aluminium mast, extra plank on topsides, new deck, cast iron keel, new engine with propeller through rudder.
Latest NewsShe is located in Ullapool in N.W. Scotland but no new information of late.

W-6RED ROVER (ex-Poppet, ex-Red Rover)
Built:1923 - Berthon Build Number : 205
Owner / Location: UnknownArticle in Yachting Monthly in June 1934 indicating a Mr. H.St.J.B. Strang bought “Red Rover” out of  Burnham-on-Crouch in 1931 and shipped her to Barcelona, Spain. Present whereabouts unknown, but possibly at Villamoura Marina in SW Portugal in late 1999. NB - MORE INFO REQUIRED

Built:1924 - Berthon Build Number : 209
Owner:Major L.W. Payne (Lloyds Reg. 1973) at Kingswear, Devon
Notes:Original W-7 boat replaced by the then owner Lt.-Colonel H. C. Guest in 1931 by a new boat taking the same name & number.
See Lloyd’s Register of Yachts. Lloyds Register indicates that possibly this boat was renamed “Calypso” and re-numbered W-6 after the original W-6 went to Spain?.

Built:1931 - Berthon Build Number: 413
Owner:Julian Fenn and Christine Dodgson
Location:Mylor, Falmouth
Notes:Rebuilt at Gweek Yard, Cornwall. Exhibited at London Boat Show in 2005. Engine.
Latest NewsPeter Methven sold her in 2012. She will remain at Mylor in Cornwall and undergo some realignment of the prop shaft and beefing up of the off-centre prop bracket fittings. no news.....

W-8RIPPLE (ex Dinah (ex-Noreen))
Built:1925 - Berthon Build Number: 236
Owner:Brian May
Notes:Deck-stepped mast, cut down rig & engine with propeller-shaft through the rudder post. Converstion to a cruising yacht described by Peter Heaton in book "Cruising", 1952. Took part in Round Britain Race with then owner Jock Smith.
Latest NewsBrian May bought "Dinah" in 2012 re-named her "Ripple" and started on a project to restaure and rebuild her to a high standard at the family business, Berthon's in Lymington as a project for the yard boatbuilding apprentices. No update since February 2015, but hopefully Ripple she is nearly finished by now ???

Built:1925 - Berthon Build Number: 235
Owner:Grégoire Destremau
Location:Jard-sur-Mer, Vendée, West France
Notes:Restored 1999. With aluminium mast and Volvo Penta engine.
Latest NewsNo news from Gregoire in La Rochelle in France.

Built:1925 - Berthon Build Number: 237
Owner:Glen and Margie Samson
Location:West Mersea, Essex
Notes:Glen had a very successful 2011 season racing at Levington, West Mersea and in Maldon Regatta cleaning up the silver! He is having the interior fitted out over the winter / spring.
Latest NewsAwaiting news for this year

Built:1925 - Berthon Build Number: 238
Owner:Adrian & Jill Mulville
Location:Maldon, Essex
Notes:Restoration completed 2001. Mast 16" aft of correct position.
Latest NewsShe has been raced up and down the East Coast and we hope it will continue.

Built:1926 - Berthon Build Number: 242
Owner:David Sherriff
Location:Llostwithiel, Cornwall
Notes:Engine with propeller-shaft through  the quarter. Cut down rig. New coach roof. In need of restoration.
Latest NewsHarlequin for many years was left in a shed by Fowey River at St Winnow in cornwall, was bought by David sherriff last year and moved to a shed in Sonning-on-Thames. David has recently owned and very successfully raced his 1897 gaff yacht "jap" a Cork One Design, but that is now on the market. David told me that 'Harlequin' was the fist yacht he ever sailed on in the 1950's and he wants to restore her back to racing condition.......

W-13No yacht built with this sail number. However a West Solent hull built in 1926 and originally named “Miss May” is “W-13”. By 1935 she appears in Lloyds Register and renamed as “Mystery”. “Miss May” originally owned by H.G. May, also called “Miss Fizz”, and not registered by him.
Built:1926 - Berthon Build Number: None Allocated
Location:Last sailed in 1983. Out of water in Little Haven Pembs, Wales.
Notes:Only a bare hull, no deck. Very poor condition. Mast in 3 pieces.
Broken up in 2006, lead keel went to W3 Squirrel.

W-14PERSEPHONIE (ex-Margie)
Built:1926 - Berthon Build Number: 245
Notes:Broke up on rocks below the South Caernarfon Yacht Club after breaking her moorings in SE gales at Abersoch in 1956.

W-15BLUE HAZE (ex-Poppet II, ex-Red Jacket)
Built:1926 - Berthon Build Number: 251
Owner:Dr. M. Karkenny (Lloyds Reg. 1980) in Media, PA, USA
Notes:No reply to letter sent in 1994. More recent rumours of her in Canada. NB -

W-16QUIZ (ex-Hyacinth)
Built:1926 - Berthon Build Number: 252
Owner:Phil Plumtree
Location:She will be a traditional rebuild, the unknowns at present are posn of mast , more than likely in the 1938 posn. size of rig, perhaps gaff even
Notes:A bright future for Quiz !
Latest NewsJust bought by Phil, owner of back in Maldon awaiting an Adrian Riva restoration. She was my father's boat in the late 70's and I remember sailing on her , occasionally racing and especially being holed up on a mooring outside the Maybush at Waldringfield unable to get ashore during the fastnet '79 storm. (same time suvretta was rolled in the Atlantic)she was sold to writer William Shawcross to the west country in 1982. The last 5 or 6 years out of the water have not been kind to her but the planking remains ok.
She will be a traditional rebuild, the unknowns at present are posn of mast , more than likely in the 1938 posn. size of rig, perhaps gaff even. And cockpit arrangement which may be more like the Argentinian boats with the cuddy ( not sure how original the sliding hatches were and will keep costs down. I have always wanted to compete for the Roman Gold Bowl ( overall winner for the round isle of Wight Race which I was lucky enough to win in 1995 aboard Camp Freddy) so I may sport removable stations and a self draining cockpit in order to have the correct certification to compete under IRC. Our current dayboat status does not allow this and I have always felt the boat would be more than capable of beating the recent flock of Contessa 26's and folkboats that teal the limelight. The benefit of the self draining cockpit and bridgedeck is both increased security at sea and a massive increase in accommodation below
awaiting restoration


Built:1926 - Berthon Build Number: 267
Owner:Owner: Scot Yeates
Location:Lt. Braxted, Essex.
Notes:Sadly she has been burnt......!
Latest NewsScot Yeates changed his mind about restoring her earlier in the year. He removed the ballast keel and burnt the hull, a real shame. The W17 ballast keel is available to do a full new build.

W-18BLACK ADDER (ex Black Adder, ex-Kitmus)
Built:1927 - Berthon Build Number: 282
Owner:Olivier Pecoux
Location:La Rochelle (France)
Notes:Grounded on Chichester Bar in 1948. Insurance write-off & keel sold off. Restored with new iron keel in Bosham. Iron keel replaced with “Suvretta”s (W-2) lead keel in 1998. Restored Maldon (Classic boat feature Feb 97); re-launched Aug 1998.
Weighed at Suffolk Yacht Harbour on 8 July 1999: 4.16 metric tonnes. Sailed to Solent for 2009 BCYC Regatta (photospread in Classic Boat Oct 09 and Nov 10).
Latest Newsawaiting photos of her racing in France.....?

Built:1927 - Berthon Build Number : 277
Owners:Jim & Catherine Dines
Location:Maldon, Essex
Notes:She is still under cover in Maldon, but Jim and Catherine are back thinking of her again after their business has re-rigged the 'Cutty Sark' this winter and they have moved house. There's talk of an interior being fitted in the boat.
Latest NewsShe is still under cover at Downs Road Boatyard in Maldon almost ready to go, but no progression with her restoration in the past year. Come on Jim!!

W-20HARKAWAY (ex-Goosander)
Built:1927 - Berthon Build Number : 278
Owner:Mr. David Moss
Location:Skippool , Lancashire.
Notes:Harkaway had been out of the water at the Glasson Dock Yacht Co., Lancs. for about 15 years to Summer.
No recent news from David Moss.
Latest NewsDavid Moss has her in storage awaiting time to do a restoration.

W-21NIOLA (ex-Oonah)
Built:1927 -
Owner:Mr. I. A. Taylor (Lloyds Reg. 1979) at Hesketh Bank, Lytham, Lancashire
Notes:No recent news. NB -

Built:1927 - Berthon Build Number : 279
Owner:Ian & Martine Murdoch
Location:Ipswich, Suffolk
Notes:Boat weighed at Suffolk Yacht Harbour on 20 June 1997: 4.50 metric tonnes.
Continued with major refit through winter 2011-12. New mast made by Speed Marine. 2013/14 more work carried on. rudder refit. 2015.
Latest NewsIan and Martine have done a lot of cruising in 2012 taking her to Belgium and Holland for several weeks in early summer.
No on the market. Although she will be seen racing at the Levington Regatta in June 2016
W-23NATICA (ex-Ann)
Built:1928 - Berthon Build Number : 309
Owner:Frank Rouget Luchaire
Location:Cannes - France
Notes:Boat weighed at Suffolk Yacht Harbour on 9 July 1999: 4.37 metric tonnes.
Restored 1997, Containered to NZ in Aug/Sept 2004 and return. Engine installed 2010
Sails with 180° large genoa.
Latest Newsup for sale in cannes in South of france in January 2015, fully repaired after being badly damaged in a race a few years back.
No News from Franck. As she been sold and to whom ?

W-24GELASMA (ex-Carmela, ex-Oriole)
Built:1928 - Berthon Build Number : 310
Owner:No details.
Location:No details.
Notes:Last registered in Bembridge, IOW in 1948. Possibly lost as “Nabler” on Portland Harbour Breakwater on 7 Sept. 1967 NB -

W-25ESTELLE (ex-Soy)
Built:1929 - Berthon Build Number : Not Listed
Owner:No details.
Location:No details.
Notes:Sold out of Heybridge Basin, Essex in 1970’s, last seen in a small dock at Butler’s Wharf on the Thames around 1992 / 93 in a poor state. Now moved. NB -

Built:1930 - Berthon Build Number : 357
Owner:R. O'Riordan
Location:Crosshaven, near Cork, Ireland
Notes:After falling over in Kingale, relaunched after "restoration" in 2009. New raised deck above a new top plank, engineand cut down rig.
Latest NewsSailing in southern Ireland

Built:1930 - Berthon Build Number : 361
Location:St. Vincent, Caribbean ?
Notes:As a houseboat / yacht.  Last seen Spring 2001. NB -

W-28MELODY (ex-Melody A) - FOR SALE
Built:1930 - Berthon Build Number : 359
Owner:Bas Witsel
Location:Amsterdam, Holland
Notes:Planking seams routed out & epoxyed, hull scrim covered & epoxyed, Yanmar engine, steel rudder and cut down rig.
Out of water & for sale.
Latest NewsIn Amsterdam and for sale. There has recently been interest in her from one of the French former part owners of "Natica", I don't know the outcome.
More info required.

W-29MISCHIEF (ex-Fide)
Built:1930 - Berthon Build Number : 360
Owner:Kevin Fuller
Location:Maylandsea / Heybridge Basin, Maldon, Essex
Notes:After a good years racing and cruising in 2011 she finally went indoors for the winter 2 days before Christmas. She is ready for relaunch under cover in Maylandsea, Essex.
Latest Newsback on her mooring off Herybridge Basin, ready for the racing season.

Built:1930 - Berthon Build Number : 358
Owner:William Scott
Location:Suffolk Yacht Harbour, Levington / Aldeburgh
Notes:Boat weighed at Suffolk Yacht Harbour on 9 July 1999: 4.42 metric tonnes. Yanmar engine with prop through the quarter, installed 2000. Roller-furling jib. Wood burning stove.
She's been laid up for a couple of years, but should be back on the water in 2012.

Built:1933 - Berthon Build Number : 439
Owner:Paul Smulders
Location:Victoria Harbour, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Notes:Restored with new small rig with short mast & boom. Large coach-roof. Bulwarks. 10 hp diesel engine. Wood stove. Updated Jan 2002.

Built:2010 by Peter Nash at Dartmouth and Totnes, Devon
Owner:Mike and Nettie Palmer
Location:Brittany, France
Notes:See major feature in Classic Boat Dec 2010. Built with Bridge deck.
Latest NewsNo news since her launch in France a couple of years back, but she's sailing in and around Brittany.
Might be for sale ?????

Five West Solent Class Yachts were built for the Yacht Club Argentino in Buenes Aires, Argentina in 1924/1925 with Berthon Boat Company Build numbers 212 to 216, although Berthons do not mention which build number was allocated to each yacht. The five boats were given the names of local indian tribes : TimbruYaganQuerandiToba and Ona, they raced as the Los Indios Class

SPRAY (ex Toba)
Owner:Walter Aguilera
Location:Berazategui, Buenes Aires, Argentina
Notes:In very original condition, under restoration from 2011
Latest NewsWalter Aguilera who is restoring her at present has renamed her "Indian".

Owner:Alberto Balparda to 2009 -
Location:Carmela, Uruguay to 2009 - sold back to Buenes Aires, Argentina in 2009, no details on new owner.
Notes:Epoxy fibre sheathed, aluminium mast & boom, engine, stanctions, cut down rig, reduced size cockpit.
Sail number 11.
Latest NewsShe was in Colonia in Uruguay in 2009 when she was sold back to someone in Buenes Aires, Argentina and I have no further news. I was hoping that previous owner Alberto Balparda was going to contact me with a name and address of the new owner.

QUERANDI (ex-Querandi, ex-Mandolin II)
Owner:Tyco Fernandez
Notes:Requiring 75% rebuild in 2006. No mast or boom. No recent news.
Latest NewsShe is under restoration by Jerome Bertone. See the pictures....>>>>>here

NotesNo information.

CAUTERE (ex-Timbru)
Notes:No information